How I Ran Αnd Finished A Marathon (42K) Barefoot And With No Training

Crossing the finish line. Few meters behind me, the 70-year-old Greek champ.

My realistic thinking was:

My professional, athletic thinking was:

I have always said, any person who has got their legs into running, short distance or long distance, can run a marathon;

Run not win!!

4 things I did pre-race,

1- A clean, nutritious diet:

2- Staying highly hydrated:

3- Interval beach runs:

4- Strength training:

I finished the Larnaca marathon, running barefoot, with barely any training. I crossed the finish line limping, came 4th from last, but my heart was fluttering with joy, the joy of success, striking through that challenge!!

4 things I did during the race:

1- Intervals:

2- Fixed goal:

3- Calculations:

4- Energy booster:

While physical strength can keep you healthy and fit, mental strength will get you through mountains!

Throughout my athletic life, I have received a collection of medals in Taekwon-Do, ping pong, tennis, squash, running, and more. But I tell you, running 42km in my Vibram FiveFingers, and without much training, has made this well-earned medal one of my proudest ones ever!!

Extra Note:

A final note:



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